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tball.gif (1653 bytes)There will be no land excavations in summer 2004.  The next excavation season is scheduled for summer 2005. 

tball.gif (1653 bytes)The Combined Caesarea Expeditions, 2000 - Field Season Report by Avner Raban in the December 2000 Recanti Institute for Maritime Studies Newsletter.

tball.gif (1653 bytes)2000 Land Excavation Report (8/10/01) Report by Kenneth G. Holum, Jennifer A. Stabler, and Farland H. Stanley, Jr.

tball.gif (1653 bytes) Caesarea Papers 2now available for purchase at the Journal of Roman Archaeology.  Follow link to view Table of Contents.  Special price available for Caesarea alumnae.  Order Form.

tball.gif (1653 bytes)Caesarea Terracotta Lamps 1971-1980 By:   Kenneth Vine and Glenn Hartelius (1/8/01)

tball.gif (1653 bytes)Scrapbook 2000 Season (12/20/00)

tball.gif (1653 bytes)Updated CCE Bibliography (12/19/00)

tball.gif (1653 bytes)CCE has just completed a set of learning modules and lesson plans aimed at bringing the CCE experience directly into the classrooms of our American youths. Check this out!!!

tball.gif (1653 bytes)See now NEW ADDITIONS to our Learning Modules (2/20/00)

tball.gif (1653 bytes)Trip Itineraries(Useful links to places you will visit while on tour)

tball.gif (1653 bytes)Scrapbook 1999 Season (11/8/99)

tball.gif (1653 bytes)Robin Hood and the Eleventh Crusade (11/8/99)

tball.gif (1653 bytes)1998 EXCAVATION REPORT

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